Mergent EventsData

Mergent EventsData is an industry leading financial information provider of corporate action and dividend data. Our proprietary corporate action data was once used only internally to maintain the Mergent security master files and cross reference database. Today this content is accessible to the financial community through various products and services. In addition to our corporate action services EventsData provides the financial community with over 70 years of experience and knowledge of reporting dividend information. Our coverage surrounds open and closed-end funds Mutual funds, equities, American Depositary Receipts, Unit Investment Trust and much more.

Mergent’s EventsData services have a direct focus on two elements; accuracy and timeliness. Our EventsData services provide market changes intra day, end of day and even real time. We continually strive to enhance our products and services in order to provide the best access to the latest financial changes possible through our user friendly systems.

The backbone of this product is the dedicated collection efforts of our experienced team of analysts. No data is disseminated to clients prior to being analyzed and edited for accuracy. It is then analyzed and edited for accuracy. Our data is collected from the stock exchanges, company filings, press releases, depositories, transfer agents & directly from the company. We provide the latest information available on North American companies including: Name Changes, Mergers, Acquisitions, Redemptions, Stock Splits, Maturities, Tender Offers, Reorganizations, Stock Splits, Spin-Offs & Shares Outstanding information. Our direct client response to information requests is second to none.

About our Market Data Pricing
Acknowledged as the industry standard of excellence in research-quality technical securities data, our Historical Securities Database provides professionals with data needed to make informed investment and trading decisions. We actively manage a proprietary securities database to provide reliable, dependable, usable market data. Our careful and detailed process of collecting, cleansing and verifying data is unparalleled. Every market day our data integrity team scrutinizes data from multiple suppliers using specialized computer programs. Anomalies are flagged, manually researched and the latest market events are incorporated to ensure accurate information is delivered. We promise accuracy and respond immediately to data challenges.

Our historical securities database covers all listed North American equities and mutual funds. We deliver both historical and daily update data in fully documented, ASCII file formats delivered via secure FTP. We offer this data to clients in one of two available feeds. Our Fully Adjusted/Fully Connected data feed provides a turnkey solution for charts and graphs. Designed to minimize development resources, FAFC automatically applies all adjustments and connections to your local database. Alternatively, our Unadjusted/Unconnected data feed is geared towards institutions requiring a historical perspective with no survivorship bias. This feed delivers market data the way it was originally reported by the exchanges. Quality, accuracy and responsive customer service are why many prominent securities firms, financial publishers and investment institutions choose HSD as their data source. 

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