Mergent BondViewer

Mergent BondViewer contains a wide-range of bond data, involving both issuer and issue-level terms and conditions for U.S. taxable bonds, municipal bonds and retail notes. 

Mergent’s extensive history and expertise in delivering financial data makes our dedicated bond research team a valuable extension to your organization. In fact, Mergent maintains one of the largest repositories of fixed-income data in the industry. Whether your research focuses on U.S. taxable or municipal bonds, Mergent BondViewer gives you exclusive content that delivers the performance and flexibility you need in making informed business and investment decisions.

Key Data Fields for U.S. Taxable and Municipal Bonds: 
  • Issue details including company description, offer amount, industry code, CUSIP and historical pricing
  • Current and historical ratings
  • Coupon details including payment schedule, amount outstanding, interest frequency, bond type and more
  • Detailed bond covenants outlining bondholder protections and issuer restrictions
  • Corporate actions on significant events at the issuer level
Key Features:
  • Flexible - Configure your subscription and entitle specific bond databases based upon your needs
  • Access using either an ID and Password or IP authentication processs
  • Search for specific bonds using various criteria or combinations such as issuer name, issue name, ticker, CUSIP, maturity date range, bond type, industry and on over 50 different screening categories
  • Customize output reports and retrieve precisely the debt securities information you need
  • View and generate individual debt securities in presentation format in HTML, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Manage and monitor individual portfolios enabling subscribers to personalize, select and save their research for further analysis
Client and Technical Support:
Mergent BondViewer offers a full range of global support services, which include: 
  • A comprehensive online help tool to navigate subscribers through the site
  • Customer support for technical and data inquiries via email or telephone
  • On-site product training and training seminars
  • Product support materials to assist users and encourage product use
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