Analytical Research

Ford EPIC provides screening, sectoring, portfolio analysis, report generation, and custom variable creation.

Ford Equity Research provides powerful and easy-to-use software applications that help analysts and portfolio managers maximize the usefulness of the Ford database.

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About Ford

Building on decades of experience helping investment professionals develop and implement stock selection strategies, Ford Equity Research delivers independent equity research that produces results, provided in the form of quantitative model scores, databases, equity research reports, and custom research services.

Ford Equity Research employs a multi-faceted approach to data collection, model building, factor analysis and application development that alleviates the burden of unsound data. As a result, Ford's clients are able to make more informed investment decisions and do so with greater expediency and confidence. Ford offers a full complement of investment models to suit any investment style and goal, including value, earnings momentum, price momentum, and multi-factor models. Learn more at