Equity Research & Analytics

Mergent supports the work of investment management professionals and individual investors through its comprehensive databases, desktop applications, and the research and analytical tools offered by Ford Equity Research and Intrinsic Research Systems.

Equity Research That Produces Results

Building on decades of experience helping investment professionals develop and implement stock selection strategies, Ford Equity Research delivers independent equity research that produces results, provided in the form of quantitative model scores, databases, equity research reports, and custom research services.

Ford Equity Research employs a multi-faceted approach to data collection, model building, factor analysis and application development that alleviates the burden of unsound data. As a result, Ford's clients are able to make more informed investment decisions and do so with greater expediency and confidence. Ford offers a full complement of invesment models to suit any investment style and goal, including value, earnings momentum, price momentum, and multi-factor models. Learn more at www.fordequity.com.

The Next Generation in Equity Analytics

Designed as the next generation in the evolution of equity analytics, Intrinsic Research Systems suite of research products has been created for investment managers seeking an intuitive, comprehensive approach to equity research and decision making.

Intrinsic's solutions have been built from the ground up, using today's technology for a rich user experience. Intrinsic's integrated central database of company, sector, industry and economic data has been specially constructed to provide analysts and portfolio managers with access to the key components driving equity performance. Intrinsic's deep, rich data may be downloaded through our Excel plug-in.

Intrinsic's capabilities are designed around the workflow of the equity analyst and portfolio manager and are provided in an easy to learn and use format. Common analysis themes are readily available, and your own custom analysis routines or individual displays can be set up in seconds. Learn more at www.intrinsic-research.com.