Mergent Unit Investment Trusts Annual Payment Record and UIT Weekly Reports

ISSN: 15274675

In this unique package, Mergent brings you comprehensive information on interest/principal payment data, dividend income, capital and capital gains, and the in-depth details that help you evaluate UITs. Our UIT Weekly Reports feature current payment schedules as well as updates on monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment options, as soon as they become available. The UIT Annual Payment Record summarizes interest/principal payments, including over 20,000 payment options, for the full calendar year, as well as providing detailed descriptions, backgrounds and historical financials. Versatile and easy to use, the UIT Annual Payment Record is a must for trust advisors, UIT managers, brokers and investors.

UIT Weekly Reports and Unit Investment Trusts Annual Payment Record coverage includes:
  • Amount paid
  • Record date
  • Payment date
  • Current year total
  • Previous year total
  • CUSIP number
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