Mergent U.S. Company Archives Manual

This manual contains restored extensive business descriptions, histories and financial analysis – timely to the date each company ceased to exist under that name. Each company report begins with a description of the fate of the corporation.

Coverage includes:
  • History - significant events since incorporation
  • Business - detailed narratives on business and products
  • Subsidiaries - a full listing that includes country of incorporation
  • Officers - names and titles of senior management
  • Directors - all names and, in many cases, other corporate affiliations
  • Long-term debt - a summary of indenture information including Moody's rating
  • Capital stock - full information on common and preferred stock, warrants and purchase rights, options and stock offerings
  • Income statements - up to three years of "as-reported" figures, presented line entry for line entry and number for number
  • Balance sheets - up to two years of "as-reported" figures
  • Plus: auditors, general counsel, number of employees, number of shareholders, stock price ranges, dividends, transfer agents and stock splits
Please note: Depth of coverage on any specific company and number of companies in any particular publication may vary.

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