Mergent Transportation Manual and News Reports

ISSN: 05450254

This comprehensive volume includes highly detailed data on all major publicly held airlines, railway and steamship lines, vehicle rental/leasing companies, and pipeline, tunnel and bridge operators. Only the Mergent Transportation Manual provides detailed reviews that include maps of service areas and routes, key statistics on mileage, equipment and operations, details on freight traffic, efficiency factors and expenses, as well as in-depth descriptions of operations, performance and financial structures.

Complete coverage includes:
  • History - significant events since incorporation
  • Business - detailed narratives of business and products
  • Properties - plants, offices and other facilities
  • Subsidiaries - a full listing that includes state or country of incorporation
  • Officers - names and titles
  • Directors - all names and, in many cases, other corporate affiliations
  • Long-term debt - a summary of indenture information including current Moody's rating
  • Capital stock - full information on common and preferred stock, warrants and purchase rights and most recent offering information including underwriter
  • Letter to shareholders - reproduced word for word from the Annual Report
  • Notes to financial statements - the exact statement as prepared by the company's independent auditors
  • Income statements - up to seven years of "as-reported" figures, presented line entry for line entry and number for number
  • Balance sheets - up to seven years of unaltered figures
  • Statements of cash flow - up to three years of unaltered figures
  • Footnotes - prepared by Mergent to assure a highly accurate and complete representation
And you’ll find other essential facts and figures: auditors, general counsel, exchange and symbol, number of employees, number of shareholders, address, telephone and fax numbers, shareholder relations contact, stock price ranges, dividends, report of independent auditors, transfer agents, stock splits and annual meeting date

Along with your subscription, receive the industry’s foremost News Reports each month in print and each week online via The News Reports will keep you up to date on:
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Interim earnings
  • New products
  • New contracts
  • Management changes
  • Rating changes
  • New issues
  • Financing
  • Joint ventures
  • Call notices
  • Name changes
  • Other significant events
A unique Special Features section includes:
  • Coverage of non-refundable, non-callable, income and convertible bonds
  • Coverage of non-callable, convertible and participating stocks
  • Stock splits
  • Five-year chronology of maturing bonds and notes
Please note: Depth of coverage on any specific company and number of companies in any particular publication may vary.

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