Mergent Municipal and Government Manual and News Reports

ISSN: 05450233

Coverage includes virtually all U.S. taxing jurisdictions and agencies – from school districts, hospitals, villages and towns to cities, counties and states across the nation – with total long-term rated debt of $25,000,000 or over. Full coverage is extended to all entities in California, New York and Texas. In this comprehensive manual, you’ll find a historical perspective on each issuing entity, as well as statistical data, financial statements and full bond descriptions.

Federal government coverage includes:
  • Complete descriptions of direct debt
  • Government corporations and agencies
  • Finances - summary of fiscal operations, receipts/expenditures, assets/liabilities, public debt statistics, investment regulations
  • Internal economic and financial data - area and population, national income, GNP, principal industries, currency and exchange, etc.
  • External economic and financial data - balance of payments, foreign trade statistics
  • Loan trusts
  • Housing and Urban Development assistance contracts, description of new housing bonds
Financial statistics:
  • Coverage includes two-year assessed value, tax rates
  • Population/enrollment
  • Taxes levied, collection figures and percentage collected
  • Bonded debt
Other information:
  • Information pertaining to wealth and finances
  • Public debt limitations
  • Agricultural, mineral, industrial, other output
Issue descriptions:
  • Ratings
  • Dated date/coupon/maturity
  • Re-offering yield
  • Series/project name
  • Use of proceeds
  • Security descriptions
  • Paying agents/trustee/registrar
  • Underwriter
  • Bond counsel
  • Interest payment information
  • Complete original issue discount schedule
  • Complete call schedule
  • Complete sinking fund schedule
  • Principal amount issued/outstanding
  • Pre-refunded information
  • Insurance
  • Letter of credit provider and expiration date
  • Denomination
In addition, a special Pollution Control and Industrial Development Revenue Bond section provides the lessee/guarantor on bonds issued to finance pollution control and industrial development projects for corporate entities.

Along with your subscription, receive the industry’s foremost News Reports monthly in print and weekly online via The News Reports keep you up to date on:
  • New bond descriptions
  • Call notices
  • Other significant events

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