Mergent Handbook of Common Stocks
(Summer 2011 Edition)

Mergent's Handbook of Common Stocks™ offers you quick and easy access to key financial statistics on approximately 900 New York Stock Exchange-listed issues.

Updated quarterly, the handbook offers market data, performance ratios, stock prices, and dividend information and recent quarterly results, as well as future prospects in succinct one-page profiles.

Each full-page company profile includes:
  • Business Summary — highlighting products, markets and business lines
  • Summary of recent developments, including latest quarterly earnings reports
  • Future prospects analysis
  • Stock movement charts showing 10-year records of monthly highs and lows and trading volumes, if available
  • Ten years of income statement and balance sheet data, if available
  • Dividend payment records
  • Key performance ratios
  • Institutional holdings—number of institutions and number of shares held; Officers, address, phone and fax numbers, Web sites, transfer agents, auditor, investor contact and legal counsel and more.
Plus, special addenda that includes: Companies added and dropped; Recent and pending dividends and splits; Recent dividend changes; Recent and pending name changes; Latest developments and more.

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