Mergent Equity Research Reports

A Comprehensive Source For Independent Equity Research. Improve your investment performance with the company that delivers the best in unbiased, independent research. Mergent now offers a new source you can rely on for equity data and stock recommendations: Mergent Equity Research Reports. Mergent Inc., a leading, independent provider of global business and financial information, has long been a reliable source for objective information on global publicly-listed companies, and a powerhouse source in information centers and libraries throughout the country.

With the recent Mergent acquisition of Ford Equity Research, the combined resources and capabilities add further value to the research process. Ford Equity Research is an established, independent equity research firm with a 30-year high-performance track record and a strong client base among buy-side security analysts, mutual fund portfolio managers and hedge funds. Indeed, in recent years, Ford has achieved one of the best research track records among equity research firms. With a reliable and validated stock selection model, Ford Equity Research provides a propriety proven valuation methodology that combines the key factors that influence common stock performance.

The foundation of these ratings is built on three basic characteristics: positive earnings changes, relative valuation compared to other companies, and price momentum. While identifying companies with these factors individually results in above average returns, the effect of combining them usually produces superior performance. As a result, the Mergent Equity Research Reports offers individual investors, investment managers, financial analysts, brokers, key reference professionals as well as public and academic libraries, a sophisticated product that can be utilized as a primary or alternative resource for independent research and investment information.

Mergent Equity Research Reports provides access to individual analyst equity reports on over 4,000 large and mid-cap U.S. companies in a two-binder set. Each company report is updated quarterly with weekly updated reports.

Each two-page detailed company research reports offers:
  • Buy, hold and sell recommendations for the company and for peer companies
  • Price momentum ratings and chart
  • Earnings summary and chart
  • Analyst forecast summary and rating
  • Price performance charts
  • 5-year charts of fiscal year fundamental data
  • Business summary, prospects, recent developments and more.
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