Mergent Dividend Record and Annual Dividend Record

ISSN: 01927019

Twice weekly, get up-to-date information on common and preferred dividend-paying stocks and mutual funds with Mergent’s Dividend Record. Unmatched for detail and accuracy, this service brings you the latest information on cash and stock dividends, stock splits and rights issues for more than 30,000 domestic and Canadian issues, as well as significant global equities and American Depository Receipts. And for the comprehensive year-end review of dividends, Mergent’s Annual Dividend Record is the premier choice of investors, brokers, CPAs, tax attorneys, portfolio managers, trust officers and other financial executives.

2007 Annual Dividend Record now available on CD-ROM.

Complete coverage in Mergent’s Dividend Record includes:
  • Complete issuer and issue description
  • Issuers' CUSIPs and issue numbers to ensure positive identification of securities
  • Payment amounts and frequency, with dates and totals for prior year
  • Record date calendars that summarize record dates for the next 12 days
  • Ex-dividend date calendars that summarize ex-dividend dates for the next 12 days
  • Stock dividends declared in the year to date
  • Stock subscription rights
  • Dividend reinvestment plans
  • Comparative monthly dividend changes, covering 15 years
Complete coverage in Mergent's Annual Dividend Record includes: 
  • Full-year dividend summaries on more than 12,000 dividend-paying common and preferred stocks and 18,000 mutual funds
  • Summaries include amounts, dates, totals, splits, tax information and more
Special dividend and tax change features include: 
  • Initials, specials, liquidations
  • Dividends resumed, increased, reduced
  • Stock splits summary with record dates
  • List of dividend meetings
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