Mergent Bond Record and Annual Bond Record

ISSN: 01481878

Published monthly, Mergent’s Bond Record offers a comprehensive review of over 68,000 issues. This unique resource provides the most complete and accurate coverage available on corporate, government, municipal, industrial development/environmental control revenue and international bonds, plus structured finance and equipment trust issues, medium-term notes, convertible issues, preferred stocks and commercial paper issues. For full-year ratings actions on corporate and municipal issues, Mergent’s Annual Bond Record has the complete coverage you need whether you’re a broker, banker, dealer, fund manager, investment advisor or private investor.

Complete coverage in Mergent’s Bond Record includes:
  • Corporate bonds - CUSIP numbers, amounts outstanding, offering/maturity dates, interest dates, redemption features, current and offering prices, yields to maturity, Moody's ratings
  • Convertible bonds - CUSIP numbers, interest dates, current stock and bond prices, conversions
  • Industrial development and environmental control revenue bonds - sale dates, amounts issued, issuers, interest rates, maturity, Moody's ratings
  • Preferred stock - Moody's ratings, dividend dates, outstanding shares, current call price
  • Commercial paper - Moody's ratings
  • Municipal bonds and notes - with Moody's ratings, arranged by state
  • Insurance financial strength ratings
  • Money-market and bond-fund ratings
  • U.S. bank deposit/letter of credit ratings
Complete coverage in Mergent’s Annual Bond Record* includes:
  • Corporate CUSIP number
  • Issuer name
  • Issue description
  • Coupon
  • Moody's rating actions
  • Dates of rating actions
  • Maturity date
  • Redemption information - call prices, call dates
  • Full year record of corporate rating changes
  • Full year record of municipal rating changes

*Included with Bond Record subscriptions, or available separately

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