Special Library Service

Providing patrons with an extensive collection of business and financial research and investment information, Mergent’s Special Library Service includes four key Mergent Manuals and News Reports, along with eight Mergent investment guides. With Mergent’s Manuals your patrons get in-depth reviews of the industrial, transportation, public utility and bank and finance sectors – a total of more than 20,000 entities. Weekly News Reports bring the latest financial facts, business events, merger activity and more to your reference collection. And with Mergent’s investment guides, your patrons can research stocks, bonds and unit investment trusts, review recent developments, analyze performances, and evaluate pricing and dividends.

Complete package includes:
  • Mergent Industrial Manual and News Reports – the world’s most respected resource for complete and accurate business and financial information on nearly 2,000 top industrial corporations listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange and regional U.S. exchanges
  • Mergent Transportation Manual and News Reports – a unique resource on more than 650 active and historical publicly held airline, rail, trucking, shipping, steamship, oil pipeline and other transportation companies 
  • Mergent Public Utility Manual and News Reports – a definitive compilation of information on more than 300 publicly held and publicly regulated electric, gas, telephone, water and gas transmission companies
  • Mergent Bank & Finance Manual and News Reports – provides significant financial information about American banks and certain other financial institutions including investment companies, real estate investment trusts, unit investment trusts and federal agencies.
  • Mergent Bond Record and Annual Bond Record – published monthly, Mergent's Bond Record offers a comprehensive review of over 68,000 issues. This unique resource provides the most complete and accurate coverage available on corporate, government, municipal, industrial development/environmental control revenue and international bonds, plus structured finance and equipment trust issues, medium-term notes, convertible issues, preferred stocks and commercial paper issues.monthly reports and annual summaries on over 68,000 issues, including Moody’s ratings and payment data
  • Mergent Dividend Record and Annual Dividend Record – get up-to-date information on common and preferred dividend-paying stocks and mutual funds. Unmatched for detail and accuracy, this service brings you the latest information on cash and stock dividends, stock splits and right issues for more than 30,000 domestic and Canadian issues, as well as significant global equities and American Depository Receipts
  • Mergent Unit Investment Trusts Annual Payment Record – interest/principal and dividend payment data on more than 20,000 payment options, with CUSIPs, current year totals and previous year totals
  • Mergent's Handbook of Common Stocks – offers quick and easy access to key financial statistics on approximately 900 New York Stock Exchange-listed issues. Updated quarterly, the handbook offers market data, performance ratios, stock prices, and dividend information and recent quarterly results, as well as future prospects in succinct one-page profiles
  • Mergent's Industry Review – a comprehensive statistical reference tool with comparative figures and rankings on 6,000 leading companies in 137 industry groups
  • Mergent's Dividend Achievers – features the latest data on a unique universe of companies with a history of rewarding shareholders. Provides in-depth investment criteria, including a stock performance chart, dividend record, business description, seven years of financial results and ratios, analysis of recent developments and more
Please note: Depth of coverage on any specific company and number of companies in any particular publication may vary.

Sold exclusively to public and academic libraries.

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