Mergent Unit Investment Trust Data

Mergent, Inc. has an established history of providing Unit Investment Trust Data to financial institutions. Mergent’s primary goal is to offer the financial community solid coverage of the entire universe of trust issues. Coverage that provides our clients the ability to accurately calculate principle and interest payments, while monitoring distribution types for tax purposes. 

Mergent receives Unit Investment Trust data directly from the major UIT sponsors such as Bank of New York and JP Morgan Chase. Having a sound relationship with each sponsor and a staff fully trained to ascertain this data has allowed Mergent to create an unparalleled UIT database.

To meet the full scope of payment information required by the financial community, we have equipped ourselves with the following data elements:
  • Nine Digit CUSIP Number
  • Issuer Name
  • Issue Description
  • Record Date
  • Payment Date
  • Interest Amount
  • Principle Amount
  • Dividend Income
  • Capital Gains
  • Payment Frequency
  • Trust Name
  • Sponsor Name
Mergent understands the various needs that our clients have for UIT data. Brokers use our data when providing face-to-face consultations with their clients. Our data assists financial institutions in calculating the amount of Principal and Interest accrued through out the existence of the trust. Allowing financial institutions to depict a client’s performance from the point they purchased the actual trust. In order to provide this type of in-depth coverage, we must be able to monitor the various distributions that occur in the life of a trust. Therefore, we inform our clients of Initials, Specials, Finals, and First & Finals, Liquidations and Partial distributions. 

Mergent realizes the importance of providing Quality and Timely data to our client base. To assist us with the Quality aspect, we have developed notification reports that alert our staff of possible final distributions due to a terminated trust. In addition, we run processes that monitor our database for any potential missing distributions. As for Timeliness, Mergent has the ability to provide each client with a daily electronic file, which alerts our clients of various UIT transactions as they happen.

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