Mergent Short Interest Data

The volatile equity markets of recent years make Short Interest Monitor (SIM) from Mergent EventsData an important addition to the trader's arsenal of market data solutions. Wall Street firms and hedge funds alike choose Mergent EventsData Services’ SIM for reasons of reliability and cost savings. 

As part of Mergent's expansive line of services, SIM relieves data service teams of the costly, inefficient processes of sourcing, aggregating, integrating, and supporting disparate data feeds from multiple vendors, which deliver data in incompatible formats and on unpredictable update schedules. Our clients find that the pure cost savings, reliability, and convenience of Mergent EventsData Services’ offer compelling, almost immediate return on investment.

SIM features complete short interest history, covering over 15 years, as well as continuous monthly updates from the major US exchanges. Mergent EventsData Services’ experienced data analysts aggregate short interest data from all available sources and standardize data to a single, unified format. Timely distribution ensures the reliability of the "zero tolerance" analytical applications Wall Street firms and funds depend on for success.

Data Delivery Options:
Format and delivery - SIM data is delivered monthly in delimited text format, obtained via secure FTP under individualized login.

Key Benefits:

Extensive History with Continuous Updates
SIM provides the convenience of a single source for short interest information, for the widest range of securities available. Over 15 years of historical short position information along with continuous monthly updates, all in a single, unified format. For a historical perspective that delivers market data the way it was originally reported, Mergent EventsData Services has the most extensive and accurate information available.

Customized Delivery to Meet Your Needs
Whether you require immediate data delivery from individual exchanges as it becomes available, or consolidated data delivery from the major US exchanges all at once, Mergent EventsData Services will customize delivery to meet your specific needs.

Easy Integration
Mergent EventsData Services’ historical data is generated and delivered using our complete state- of the- art technology in a simple, easily managed format, reducing or eliminating programming and maintenance requirements.

Comprehensive Customer Service and Technical Support
Our dedicated customer support staff is ready to answer questions 24 hours a day, every trading day. Mergent EventsData Services is firmly committed to service and quality, which frees you to focus on your business, without data headaches.

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