Mergent Indicated Annual Dividend Data

From financial security institutions to financial data vendors, Mergent has an established history of providing quality dividend data. Through the years, clients have relied upon Mergent for authoritative and reliable dividend information.

As capital growth fluctuates, stock market investors demand information on stock earnings potential before making a purchase decision. Shareholders are becoming more attentive to their portfolios dividend yield. Mergent understands the markets requirement to equip investors with this invaluable information. As a result, Mergent now offers an accredited Indicated Annual Dividend (IAD) service. 

Thorough and back-tested, Mergent’s Indicated Annual Dividend (IAD) data is built upon a proprietary calculation that values the projected dividend payments over the next 12 months. Mergent’s IAD data is calculated and processed by using complex formulas and automated systems to ensure the delivery of accurate and timely data. Mergent Indicated Annual Dividends are calculated as soon as finalized dividends are announced to the financial community. In addition, Mergent IADs are adjusted on the ExDiv date for stock splits and stock dividends. 

Data Coverage Includes:
Mutual Funds; North American listed Equities, ADR’s, GDR’s, 144A’s as well as underlying foreign shares
  • Indicated Annual Dividend Amount
  • Company Name
  • Currency
  • Exchange/Ticker
Key Features and Services: 
  • Deliverable in XML & ASCII format via Mergent's FTP site, insuring timely access
  • Mergent can provide a standalone Indicated Annual Dividend feed service or a complete package of per share dividend data, ensuring only the specific content you need to populate your platform
  • Dedicated team of data specialists to answer any questions concerning data or technical implementation.
Delivery Schedule Options:
Monthly, Weekly or Daily - Clients have the option of selecting the frequency that best meets their needs.

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