Mergent Historical Securities Data

The industry’s ‘gold standard’ equity pricing and corporate actions dataset

Comprehensive Equities Data:
Mergent EventsData Services’ Historical Securities Database (HSD) comprises the most comprehensive, proprietary collection of equity market information available today. For discriminating institutions requiring decision-level data, no other resource can deliver such high quality trade data for use in serious analysis. Mergent EventsData ensures data accuracy so you can focus on your business needs.

Historical and Daily Update Data:
With more than 20 years of daily price, distribution and corporate actions data for all current and extinct NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ issues, Mergent EventsData offers the most extensive databases available. Our equities databases cover all listed North American equities and mutual funds. Mergent EventsData delivers both historical and daily update data in fully documented ASCII file formats.

Two Categories of Mergent EventsData Services’ Historical Equities Database Offerings:
  • Fully Adjusted/Fully Connected (FAFC) Data Feed - This remote database maintenance service provides a turnkey solution for charts and graphs. Designed to minimize development resources, FAFC automatically applies all adjustments and connections to your local database. . Automatically incorporates splits, stock dividends, name, exchange and identifier changes, mergers and acquisitions and all corporate actions. 
    • Provides simplified processing for charting applications.

  • UnAdjusted/UnConnectedT (UAUC) Data Feed - For institutions requiring a historical perspective with no survivorship bias, this data feed delivers market data the way it was originally reported. Transactions can either be applied or not applied to the raw data. 
    • Provides prices, dividends, shares and other data as they were originally reported. 
    • Includes separate transaction records for adjustments and corporate actions.
Historical Issue Coverage: 
Listed North American equities including all living and dead issues for: 
  • NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ NMS & Small Cap from 7/28/1980
  • Regional exchanges from 7/28/1980
  • S&P 500 from 1/3/1972
  • OTC Bulletin Board issues from 8/30/1996
  • Listed U.S. Open End Mutual Funds from 11/24/1986
  • Listed Canadian securities from 5/17/1990
  • Indexes, indicators and exchange rates from 1/2/1900
Data Fields:
Price data 
  • Daily composite open, high, low, close and volume for listed securities
  • NAV and offer for open end mutual funds
  • Average yield and days to maturity for open end
  • Money market funds
  • Daily closing bid/ask beginning 8/30/1996
Non-Price Data
  • Short interest
  • Cash and stock dividends, splits, spin-offs
  • Indicated annual dividend
  • Shares outstanding
  • Earnings per share
  • Corporate actions
  • Name changes, identifier changes, mergers, acquisitions, delistings, liquidations, exchange changes, reclassifications, conversions/exchanges, suspensions
Record Formats 
Fully documented, standard ASCII files for both historical and update records

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually
  • Unadjusted data
  • Adjusted data
    • Adjustment factors for splits, stock dividends, spin-offs, and cash dividends
Accuracy, Detail and Quality:
Mergent EventsData Services is the industry standard for equity market data. Our careful and detailed process of collecting, cleansing and verifying data is unparalleled. Every market day our data integrity team scrutinizes data from multiple suppliers using specialized computer programs. Anomalies are flagged, manually researched and the latest market events are incorporated to ensure accurate information is delivered. We maximize accuracy and will immediately respond to challenges.

Data Delivery Options:
Historical data are generated and delivered using Mergent EventsData Services complete state-of the- art technology in a form easy to integrate into your existing system. Our simple file structure reduces programming requirements. Updates are delivered via FTP through secure Internet connection with a dial- in backup as well as CD-ROM 

Responsive Customer Service and Technical Support:
Our dedicated customer service and technical support staff is ready to answer your questions from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on all market days. We are also available 24 hours a day via pager.

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