Mergent Ex-Date Service

We developed the Ex-Date Service as a compliment to our existing Electronic Dividend Service. Mergent has an established history of providing quality dividend data to financial institutions. Through the years, thousands of customers have looked to us for authoritative and reliable dividend information.

This product notifies you electronically of all North American Securities to be quoted “ex” on the next business day. The Ex-Date Service format allows the end user to program for electronic and automatic processing of the ex-date information. 

Developed at the request of the exchanges and its members, Mergent’s Ex- Date Service allows you to comply with Section 46 of the Rules of Fair Practice. Section 46 requires members holding open orders to adjust the price and quantity of such orders by the amount of any dividend, payment, or distribution on the day that the security is quoted ex-dividend, ex-rights or ex-distribution.

This information is delivered twice daily at 4:00 PM (ET) and 6:00 PM (ET). The 4:00 PM file is a preliminary list of securities whereas the 6:00 PM file is a final file, which will also contain all late announcements as provided by the exchanges.

Fielded Data Elements of the Service Include:
  • Ex-Date
  • Ticker Symbol
  • Issuer & Issue Descriptions
  • Rate
  • Payment Type Code
  • Issue Type Code
  • CUSIP Number
  • Announcement Indicator (Includes Stock Splits, Reverse Splits, Stock Dividend, Stock Subscription Rights, and spin-offs)
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