Mergent Corporate Actions Service 

Timely and accurate tracking of corporate actions and dividend payments makes a substantial difference in your company’s or your client’s bottom line. Always thorough and reliable, Mergent’s Corporate Actions data feed provides the latest information on over 30,000 dividend-paying stocks and mutual funds. Coverage includes the full spectrum of domestic listed and announced Canadian issues – plus significant global securities and their ADRs. 

Mergent’s dividend database is monitored closely to ensure announcements are collected on a timely basis. No announcements are transmitted to customers without being verified to the original source documents. Plus, our staff has the ability to transmit over 4,000 payments in one business day. This service is the most comprehensive in terms of coverage, with more mutual fund announcements than any other source.

With our data and your programming, you can match positions electronically; ensure accuracy and positive identification of issues; create an ex-dividend date calendar; create a record date calendar; generate checks automatically; flag distribution types for tax purposes; and create a pending file for future distributions

Receive an end of day file or intraday updates via FTP on dividend distributions, stock splits, stock dividends, spin-offs, redemption of stock, rights, tender offers, mergers & acquisitions, and more. Dividend income can be flagged for initials, specials, resumed, increased, reduced, extras, liquidations, accrued rates, finals, short, medium & long term capital gains, tax refunds, tax credits, year-end distributions, and many more.

Over 300 data items are fielded, including:
  • Nine Digit CUSIP Number
  • Complete Issuer Name & Description
  • Par Value
  • Primary & Secondary Exchange
  • Ticker Symbol
  • Declaration Date
  • Ex-dividend Date
  • Record Date
  • Payment Date
  • Return of Capital
  • Preliminary Quarterly EPS
  • Capital Gains
  • Tax Indicators
  • Payment Frequency Rate
  • Indicated Annual Dividend
  • Dividend Income
  • Stock Dividend Percents
  • Stock Splits
  • Exchange Rate & Date
  • Meeting dates
  • Dividend Reinvestment Plans
  • Agent Information
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