The Blue Sky Laws in the U.S., intended to protect public investors from fraud, require companies that issue securities for sale be registered at the State level or to have an available exemption from registration.

A listing in the Mergent’s Manuals and News Reports will facilitate U.S. trading of your company’s securities by providing that exemption in a cost efficient manner.

Make Mergent your choice for Blue Sky regulatory compliance and give your company the global recognition it deserves

Recognized and trusted by 39 states that act in accordance with Blue Sky regulatory provincial securities laws for secondary trading of a company's common stock or ADR's

Mergent offers a wide range of customized programs that provide valuable opportunities to increase the visibility of your company. Mergent’s extensive history and worldwide distribution media outlets ensure maximum communication between your company and a vast targeted audience of investors and decision-makers.

Many companies choose to significantly reduce the expense of individual state licensing fees (for secondary trading compliance of the company’s securities) by seeking to obtain a listing in a recognized securities manual. Among the oldest and most reputable “recognized securities manuals” are Mergent™ Manuals and News Reports, first published in 1918. Formerly known as Moody’s® Manuals and News Reports, the publications were rebranded as Mergent Manuals and News Reports when Mergent, Inc. acquired Moody’s™ Financial Information Services division in 1998.

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